Become a Donor or Sponsor

If you’re looking for a non-profit to donate to….you found it! We are seeking donors and sponsors to help us purchase the trees and vegetable plants to keep our farm producing composted, chemically free, grown food year-round. Any monetary donations are greatly appreciated, and tax deductible.

For those who want to sponsor, we have many opportunities. $25 will sponsor a berry bush purchased in your name. $50 will sponsor an entire row of vegetables in your name. $100 will sponsor a fruit tree purchased in your name. $250 or more of sponsorship or donation will get your name painted on either the barn or silo where people will see it each day. Just send your donation or sponsorship to: Heaven’s Helpers Food Pantry & Soup Kitchen, LLC 1256 Capitol Dr. Suite 700 #218, Pewaukee, Wi 53072.

If you are a sponsor, be sure to include your name or the name of the person you would like recognized as the sponsor. All donations,  sponsorships, and CSA offerings, are tax deductible.


Adding to the farm

Healthy Harvest Farm is expanded in 2020! With the help of our donors, we added many fruit trees and bushes, asparagus and strawberries to the property, some began baring fruit in 2021. Our hoop house gives us plenty of room for starting our plants indoors while the temperatures are still cold outside. The hoop house allows us to grow well into the winter months! And, we have begun our barrel growing so we can produce more food per square foot! It’s going to be a busy year and we look forward to working with some of the new volunteers. Here at the farm…there’s always plenty to do!!